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Update 4/28/2020

Anyone else excited to go back to normal life?? 

Unfortunately, that won’t be happening for us quite yet at Pure Imagination Arts. We miss interacting with everyone, we miss seeing our sparkly jewelry, we miss putting holes in people—we miss all of it. 

But safety is always our first priority, and Florida is still not seeing the overall decrease in a 2-week span of COVID numbers that we need in order to safely open the studio on May 1. 


Without a significant decrease, we’re not comfortable purchasing and using the PPE we need for body piercing, when it’s all still desperately needed at hospitals by healthcare professionals; without a significant decrease, we cannot in good conscience disregard the 6ft social distancing guidelines that are absolutely impossible to uphold during any sort of body piercing. 

We can’t do it, and we won’t do it. 

So, we’ll be in touch. We’ll reschedule appointments, and we’re always available to do tele- or phone consultations. In the meantime, we’re finalizing our protocols for safe piercing during this COVID-19 era, and we’re working on some new ideas and studio sprucing. 

We’re watching this play out on a week-by-week bases, and hopefully we’ll be able to announce very soon that we’re opening. 

We can’t wait to get back to working with all of you wonderful people! Thanks for your understanding 

Update 3/16/2020

Beginning at 10pm on March 17, we will be closed until the WHO and CDC deem it safe for non-essential businesses to be open. 

Safety--for our customers, our community, ourselves--has to continue to be our number one priority.

While we are closed, we'll do our best to accommodate jewelry and piercing consultations, as well as any problems or concerns that may arise with healing/healed piercings, via teleconferencing. Give us a call, text, email, social media DM, whatever way works best for you, so we can set that up.

We absolutely cannot wait to get back into the studio and work with everyone again, but until then, stay home, stay safe!

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