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Jon Salzer,
Jacksonville based Professional Body Piercer since 2009

It’s the rare person who figures out what they want to do with their lives from a young age. Jon “the Piercer” Salzer, with his dream of becoming a math professor who would ride his bike to work everyday, was one of them.


But then he changed his mind


Jon was introduced to body arts by his bass guitar teacher in middle school, and his interest only grew from there. After spending some time studying at FSCJ, he gave in to his dream and cashed out his school funds in order to start a body piercing apprenticeship at Todd Lake Tattoo Studio in 2008.

In March 2016, Jon and his wife, Georgie, decided to join forces and create a shop that encompassed their loves: body piercing, art, literature, family, and community. The following year was filled with battles, heartache, loss, laughter, learning, and growth.

And now Jon's here, at Pure Imagination Arts, still laughing, still learning, still growing, and loving every second of it all.

And he gets to ride his bike to work everyday. 


Jon's Body Piercing Time Line:

  • February 2009-May 2010: Todd Lake Tattoo Studio, Jacksonville, FL

  • November 2009: Microdermal Fundamentals Training with Jonny Needles, NJ

  • June 2010-February 2015: Carribbean Connection, Jacksonville Beach, FL

  • July 2014: Fakir Intensives, Fakir Musafar & a teaching staff comprised of some of the greatest body piercers in existence, San Francisco, CA

  • February 2015-March 2016: East Coast Worldwide, Jacksonville Beach, FL, Association of Professional Piercers (APP) Member

  • April 2016-Present: Association of Professional Piercers (APP), Member at Large

  • May 2016: Surface Piercings Training with Luis Garcia, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

  • June 2017-Present: Owner/Body Piercer at Pure Imagination Arts, Atlantic Beach, FL 

  • December 2017: Became a Business Member in Good Standing of the Association of Professional Piercer 

  • July 2018: Awarded an Al D. Scholarship, granted by the Association of Professional Piercers, to attend the APP 2018 Conference in Las Vegas, NV

  • November 2018: Folio Magazine's Best of Jax, voted #2 for Best Piercing Studio and Best Body Piercer in the 904

  • November 2019: Folio Magazine's Best of Jax, voted #1 for Best Piercing Studio and Best Body Piercer in the 904

To contact Jon, send emails to, or call the shop at (904) 853-6291

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