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Infant/Child Ear Piercing FAQ
  • How much does it cost to get my child's earlobes pierced?
    Our pricing is the same for all ages. The piercing fee for a pair of earlobes is $80, and the jewelry is a separate cost and will depend on what's picked out.
  • Do you pierce infant earlobes?
    We do! After a lot of research and some practice, we have decided to add infant earlobe piercings to our offerings.
  • Can I get my child's ears pierced today?
    Short answer: not without an appointment! But if we have availability and you have a notarized minor consent form, yes. While we do not require a consultation prior to the body piercing appointment, you are welcome to request one. During the consultation, the piercer will give a tour of the studio and walk you and the child through every step of the piercing process, all while building a rapport with the child. Our piercing appointments are similar to this, only with the appointment ending with the piercing procedure.
  • How do I know if I need a consultation appointment before the piercing appointment?
    Some parents/guardians and children benefit from speaking with the piercer prior to the piercing, while others don't feel they need that. We support whatever makes you most comfortable!
  • What do I need to bring with me to the appointment?
    For the consultation appointment, you only need to bring yourself, child, and any questions or concerns you have. For the piercing appointment, you will need the notarized minor consent form, your state-issued ID, and your child's ID (school ID, passport, birth certificate, etc.). For our youngest piercee's, many parents have found that it's beneficial to bring a pacifier if your baby will take one, as well as be prepared with a bottle or to breast feed between/after the piercing. While the baby will feel better quickly, being soothed defintely speeds up the process!
  • Why does the piercing appointment take so long?
    Your piercing appointment time starts from the moment you walk through our door, to the moment you walk back out, and there are a lot of steps inbetween. Talking about the piercing process, picking out jewerly and sterilizing it, prepping the skin and marking, discussing after care, etc.--all of these things take time; the actual piercing procedure only takes a few minutes out of the whole process. Some appointments won't take the full hour, and some may take a little more, but, no matter what, we never want anyone to feel rushed or hurried out.
  • Why is it safer to go to a body piercer rather than to someone using a piercing gun?
    This article from Good Housekeeping sums it up pretty well, but, basically: 1) Body piercers are trained and experienced in aseptic technique, preventing cross-contamination, visual accuracy, and biologial processes--just to name a few very important aspects of body piercing safety. 2) A piercing gun can never be truly sterile due to it's design and materials. 3) That same design also causes unnecessary trauma during the piercing, as the earring is jammed into the tissue, virtually shattering it. This causes a myriad of issues during the healing process. Body piercers use extremely sharp, hollow needles that slice through the ear to create the hole for the earring. The process is faster and much less painful, with negligible trauma.
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